Executive Health Check Up

Health checkup packages will help you to manage health problems effectively if it is detected earlier. A.P Varkey Mission hospital has designed a Health Checkup programme. In today's fast growing world most of us tend to ignore our health until we are compelled to confront a medical complication. An annual health checkup is one of the best things you can do to maintain good health.

A.P Varkey Mission  Hospital offer Executive health checkup package to cover all age groups and both the genders.


       Executive Health Check Up Package ( Rs.1750 )

1.Consultation with Doctor

2.Chest X ray


4.Blood Check Up

       * Haemoglobin                         * Cholestrol

       * Total Count                             * Triglycerides

       * Differential Count                * HDL

       * ESR                                            * LDL

       * FBS                                            * VLDL

       * Blood Sugar PPBS  (Post)  * LFT

       * Urea                                           * SGPT

      * Creatinine                                * HBA1c

      * TSH                                            * Uric Acid




      * Microscopic Examination


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